People know me as Rajshekhar Reddy Seelam, you can also call me Raj Seelam. I am an organic food enthusiast who takes the idea of what goes into your food and subsequently on your plate very naturally.

After graduating from IIM Ahmedabad, I took the conventional, I mean the commercial route by joining a large Indian Agribusiness conglomerate selling pesticides and fertilizers. Working closely with farmers did not just make me realize the havoc caused by the chemicals but also made me quit cabbage and cauliflower from 1995 to 2005. No, I am not a lachanophobic (afraid of vegetables), but just that my stomach couldn’t digest the idea of eating what often comes with the vegetables and fruits i.e. pesticides.

After years of research, Sresta Natural Bioproducts, a farm-to-fork organic food business finally took shape in 2004. The vision was to create sustainable livelihoods for farmers, sustainable lifestyles for consumers and contribute to a sustainable environment. Sresta currently does contract farming with 45,000 farmers on 2,25,000 acres across 15 states in India. Sresta produces and markets over 200 organic food products under the “24 Mantra” brand in India, Europe, North America, Middle East, Near East & Far East.

If you don’t find me neck deep in work you can find me on Twitter @rajseelam2018 where I like to tweet about the recent developments in the organic food industry. Alternatively, try my facebook profile https://www.facebook.com/rajseelam2018/ if my Twitter gets too realistic to handle.