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Agritech – The Breakthrough


Agriculture, much like every other industry has been deeply influenced by technology. And, if you feel that organic farming would hold an aversion towards technology, allow me to clear this misconception. Organic farming, like conventional agriculture, boosts its efficiency with the help of technology.

Well, of course, organic farming cannot use pesticides and genetic engineering, but many mechanical substitutes, when combined with the understanding of natural processes, can optimise the yields as well as take care of the crops.

Pesticides and herbicides and other easily available fertilisers used in conventional farming practices might save time and labour cost but the efficiency comes at a price. Therefore, moving closer to more natural farming methods do not just improve the carbon footprint but also upgrade the water quality.

Below listed few examples will provide you with the answers on how technology can help in not just cooperating but adapting to the natural processes.

Fertilization and Yield
Like mentioned above, mechanical tools like roller crimper can be of great help to increase fertilization without any use of artificial fertilizers. The roller crimper, a device dragged by a tractor through the hay fields helps to break down the stems, increasing soil fertility and hasten the decomposition process.

We can also try and look into constructing a hoop house. Very similar to a greenhouse, the hoop house is just cheaper, faster and easier to build. Hoop houses protect the crops from bad weather and keep them warm while extending the growing season. A hoop house is one of the best ways to increase production for the local market in a clean and financially feasible way.

Pest and Weed Control
Instead of using chemicals to get rid of moths and destructive pests, a clay-based biodegradable alternative called surround can be sprayed to confuse the insects. The clay washes off and gets dissolved in the rain without any harmful effect.

Farmers can now also control the pests with the help of sticky traps coated with female hormones that attract male flies and maggots. Implementing these traps with new research and designs can advance the preservation practices for your crop.

Key to Balance
Whether one opts for pure technology or manages to keep a mix of both nature and human creation, strict organic farming standards have succeeded in not compromising with the efficiency or the produce.

Nature and technology known to be two extreme sides have begun to find a common ground in this symbiotic exchange.


Raj Seelam

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